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I Might Need Some Help!!!

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So I was drivin on saturday and I pull up to the lights and I got to take off and my car starts makin this loud grindin noise when I put the clutch I figure the realease bearin is gone or something of that nature...I was jusr down the street from my friends so I manged to almost get it there when something let loose and she started pissin out oil and my car was filled with I figured maybe the rear engine seal got hot and she just started pissin out oil...I got it towed to the shop and I was just talkin to guy and hes still checkin it out but I might need a new I might be in the market for a 5 spd tranny...but lets hope not
Later Gerard
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Sounds like Hondaetr-itis...have you been to the track lately??

I havent been to the track but I was pissin around with my bud and his prelude not too long ago:(
So heres the deal, something let loose inside my tranny and shes if anybody has or knows where to get one for a good deal let me know asap...
Thanks in advance Gerard
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