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Thanks for reading this.
I am in Seattle, WA. I am looking for a good mechanic shop to put on my Tokico struts for a FAIR price. Most places want you to sell your sole to have this done.

I am will to travel to Portland if need be.

Pleease, let me know if you have had good luck with a business/certain shop/person ...that has experience with the MX6 LS

Thanks Mike

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It's pretty easy to do. I have swapped struts on my MX6 several times. If we can find a date/time that works for both of us, I could help you do it.

Do you have a garage to work in or atleast a flat level place to safely jack up the car? How about an air compressor?
I have all the necessary tools.

Are you installing lowering springs, too? This would be the easiest time to do it.

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I just have my mechanic to everything.

Since I live in an Apartment complex... they don't allow "working" on your car... so I have to have my mechanic to everything.... I get deals, and might be able to talk him into swinging something... he is at "That Muffler and Brake place" Yes, that is what it is called... it can be a difficult conversation when people don't realise that is what it is called. They are located here in Redmond, they do all types of performance stuff... the guy's name is Mike... if you want the number, let me know.
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