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Sorry if i put this in the wrong section or something i dont know where else to put it.
I need help from anyone as soon as possible.

Heres the deal: Im doing an I4 auto to klze V6 manual.
So far everything is pretty ok i guess. not great. anyway. the problem is, the workshop doing it is trying to tell us that we have to change the main body harness and the plugs over from the V6 donour car to make it work. I have told them several times thats BS, u obviously dont have to, just the ECU harness.

Theyre both GE shells the I4 is a 95 model and the v6 donour car is a 93. can someone please confirm that theyre wrong??
Thank you all very much!!

Also one other question, are the exhausts different lengths between US and Aus model 626 ? I got a 2.5" pacesetter from the US and its 2" too short...

Please no lectures about blah blah why do i4 to v6, not worth it etc, Im doing it, and need help, so please, anyone.
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