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I4 Greddy Exhaust

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Which exhaust is the greddy exhaust everyone is using. Isnt it actually for a v6 probe? I know you can make a cut somewhere (by the axle i think?) and make it fit the i4's but im just curious as to which greddy exhaust people were using and where they are getting it at.
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I didn't need to cut anything on my Borla to make it fit on the RS, just need to extend my testpipe for about 6" to reach the header, I would think you can do the same for the GReddy.
don't cut the cat! i bought mine with a ghetto exhaust and no cat that sounds terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!
just hooked up the header and full exhaust (with cat and resonator) this weekend. put a magnaflow muffler on as well. Sounds great! no more fart can for me
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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