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I went today to pull my car out of storage. Installed the battery started right up like nothing. (Been sitting for 5 months) Idled high until it warmed up nothing unusual here. But as soon at it reached operating temp, the idle was going up and down from 1500-2500RPM. Anybody no what this might be maybe? TPS? I also have my throttle body coolant lines bypassed so when cold this could just be the ISC valve (I think that is what it is called?) searching for normal operating temp in the throttle body? I bypassed the lines in the summer and never had a problem with the Idle might just be the cold?
Thanks for those who respond


Be Careful! I had a similar problem and it was intermittent.
It ended up being the coolant was leaking and this effected the idle speed.The idle speed used to oscillate between 1500 and 2200 rpm.
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