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well i had a lil drama in regards to my 91gt. it felt like it was gonna die at the lights. after much frustration i decided to pull all the hoses off the compressor side and intercooler tubes. as i removed the compressor pipe i noticed this little pipe hanging off the waste gate solenoid. this lil bastard was what was causing my turbo to howl and run rich at cold start..more than usual anyway and it was causing a bloody vacc leak. it took me 3 hours to pull the parts and get the parts out and i can now enjoy normal fuel economy. though with a small crappy thing like that i am not too convinced it is the end of my vaccy prob. but i may be in denial! i hope its all it is. i have driven down to burger king(hjs) and given it a lil stick and when i slow down i have a normal idle . lets hope it stays that way.
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