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Ive got a 1991 Escort GT for sale. $800 as is.

The car is good on gas. 228k on car. engine pulls very strong (new engine from a 95 has 150k on it) Lots of new stuff. The car has 4 new tires with good tread.

The engine is in good shape. The car has a new muffler and tip. There is no catalitic-converter so it has a few extra ponies. The car is lowered and handles very well. There are no power options or sunroof aside from power mirrors. The car has minor rust and the front left fender was dented, though i pooped it out(you still see minor damage) . The interior is in decent condition. The ac has been removed to free up a few extra ponies. The heat blows really hot. It still has the stock deck. The speakers are pretty much donefor.

The engine has a brand new timing belt, accessory belt, water pump, plugs and wires. Their is also a brand new radiator fan and radiator fluid, as well as thermostat. Their is also a brand new fuel filter and the injectors and fuel rail were all cleaned a week ago by TAG motorsports. The clutch is brand new (literally 3 weeks old) it is an aftermarket clutch (dynomax) and it can easily handle [email protected] wheels. Their is also a brand new release bearing and pilot bearing. The transmission also has brand new fluid It is a 91, so it has the much desired two-piece rear spolier. The hatch works exceptionally and opens/closes great. The gas door also opens fine. The car has 4 new tires.

Now, unlike most car salesmen, I will tell you what is wrong with the car.

1. The drivers side windows does not work right. I do not know whether it needs a new cable, or if the glass is just off the track. The window will slide down and sits there unless you prop it up.
Probobly a sub $75 job to fix if you take it to a shop.

2. The shifter is in need of new busings and the power seatbelts arent functioning well (just use them like normal ones-took the fuse out)

I paid $1300 for the car in September 2002. I have put thousands into this car. I am asking $800 for it because I owe the bank big.

This is a great deal, period.

E-mail me at [email protected] or feel free to give me a call at 905-844-6897-ask for jeff
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