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I'm still working on this and will ask that it be transferred to the "Projects" section when it's done. Please hold your replies until I am finished. I am working on fabbing an actual rebuild kit using Mitsubishi TD05 parts where I can. How many of them will work may be another story. This is where the rebuilding may get tricky.

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Tools required:

17 mm socket for the coolant lines.
10mm socket for the oil return, turbine shaft nut on the compressor side.
14mm 12 pt socket for the turbine.
8mm socket for the compressor housing bolts.
Gear puller for the turbine if it's stuck inside the center.
Torx T10 bit for the seal plate.
Torx T30 for the compressor back plate.
Rubber mallet.

First you'll need a candiate that needs a rebuild. I think this will do:

This one obviously can't be rebuilt due to a severly jacked up shaft which will be very hard to replace seeing as VF turbines aren't readily available, but TD05's and 6's sure are....albeit for a very hefty price.

This compressor wheel is also shot:

Dare I say........

"Can you please pass teh shaft play?" :freak: :lol:

Removing the compressor housing is a simple matter of removing the wastegate with actuator rod clip and removing the wastegate actuator. The you remove the 8mm compressor housign bolts. The center cartridge seperates from the exhaust housing by removing the V-Band clamp held on with a 10mm nut. Pretty self explanatory there. Use a rubber mallet to seperate the center from the exhaust housing. If that doesn't work, you can gently tap it with something harder like a weighted rubber mallet. I'd refrain from using hammers for obvious reasons.

The compressor shaft nut is 10mm reverse thread and the turbine side is 12pt 14mm. Use the 14mm to hold the turbine while you loosen the compressor shaft nut. Righty loosey lefty tighty in this case. (reverse thread)

This is where the gear puller will come in handy. You line up the puller with the turbine shaft and pop the shaft out. Then you use a Torx T30 for the bolts above.

Then your turbine will be removed and hopefully won't look anything like this:

I wonder why it had shaft play? :lol:

The turbine oil seal was also MIA. :lol:

Here is the compressor housing back plate with mating ring/collar:

It also has an integrated oil seal unlike the RHB5's:

Then you have the thrust bearing with Torx T10 bolts:

Similar to the RHB5:

Underneath that you have the bearing retainers? washers? whatever you want to call them:

There are two of them and they are far from being an ordinary washer. This may be somethign that is hard to match up:

And then the bearing:

And thats all I have so far.
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