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im a new mx6 owner plz help

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i just got the car for a week and today the car makes a prrring "like a cat " every time i give it gas and its stop makeing that sound if i let go of the gas i just change the coil thats alll i have done to the car it has lost power that i know cuz it wount burn tire anymore :cry: can any1 help me out
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if it's an auto and ur burning tire.........:help:
no its a 5speed and not it makes a knoking noise around the timing belt is located.. need lots of help
Sounds possibly like your auto belt tensioner has gone. I would recommend you have that looked at asap, unless you are confident enough to change the belt and tensioner yourself ?


oh k and know my rmp jump and dat car wont pass 60 were can i find a diagram on how to change the tenser plz help
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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