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I'm about to purchase a 88 turbo and needs some more info.
Is the block a cast iron block? What common problems do you guys face with? I would really like to see some specs since I've been searching all day and cant find any at all. How reliable is the mx6 turbo? well any info would help thanx:D

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honestly im not being rude but if you use the search function you can find all the info you want to know and then some, from motor spec to jspec motors, and just so you know the j-spec motor is the fe-dohc, there are two versions but you'll also learn that when doing a search, the search button will be your most powerful tool and keep others from flaming on you, yes the block is cast iron, common problems is boost cut, which is easly taken care of, blown headgaskets, the heat the turbo motor produces (heat kills), running to rich or to lean, which really depends on what you or how you modify the car, base power at wheels is 145hp, don't remember teh torque figures but it's more than the hp which males teh cars a blast to drive, factory boost is set to about 7.4 psi, and you can't go over 11 psi without hitting the boost gut/ fuel cut, which you have to have the ecu upgraded to help you overcome that minor setback, only cost between 60-100 from zombiess( ), but these cars can have many mods done to them just read through teh threads and you'll learn more.:D , oh yeah and welcome and enjoy.

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sleepermx6 said:
honestly im not being rude but if you use the search function
The seach index is being rebuilt, therefor the search won't bring in many results until it is done (Sometime tommorow).

Our engines are cast block, with an aluminum head. Stock power ratings at 145hp/190tq.

These cars have lots of potential, but as with any car that is 15 years old there will be preventative maintence to do first.

CV joints, brakes, spark plug wires, rusted exhaust, squeaky interior. etc etc.

All these things are normal on any older car. Make sure you get it into top notch shape before you start modifying it.

OR, if you just want a reliable driver, don't modify it at all :)
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