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im back after 5 years

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hey people,

some might remember me, i tickered with the turbo 6 a while back.

sold my 6 a while back and purchased a nissan s15 which ive been modifying since.

just bought another 90 turbo 6 as a project car, still love the shape.

ill keep you guys posted with mods, still have alot of part left over from the previous one.

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Wow you joined in 2002! Welcome back. I'd like to see pics of both the MX6`s you`ve owned.
Welcome back champ. Photos asap!
Welcome Back :)
I remember

gun metal S15?
welcome back i can talk :p
There's a few people from the good old days that pop in every now and again for a look :)
yea and some of us never go away...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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