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Hi johniebgoode, BillyGnoses and magik8

sorry I was busy I took my car to mazda shop and mechanic don't know anything about electrical system. I'm pissed off

I went to Universal Auto Electric and gave to them. Next day this man found that the resistor block was damage from fan heater other fan radiator and rear defroster was bad connection on left firewall near battery because I was accident in 2 years ago. but I told him how to that he fixed. He said it was wiring was bent.

one problem I want to know when I turn on switch rear defroster and took 5 seconds between 5 minutes went off and not work somtimes why?

do you have idea anything about rear defroster?

rear light on dash all the time......... I checked bulbs are fine. I don't understand what the heck ?

I really missing picture my car in summer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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