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im new

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hello all im looking at a k 92 626 2.5 v6 2day can u give me any advice on what 2 look out 4 when buying the car cheers people
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Hi Drue,
Welcome to the board,

Well all the normal things really when looking for a car,
Service history,Mot,When the last major service was because that can set you back around £500ish :(, When the cam belt was last changed, check the milage is genuine, check for any leaks,check oil and water levels,check oils the right colour ie not to dark, check for uneven tyre wear, check for damaged alloys, check the exhaust dont blow too much.

I think thats about everything covered :)

Check the thread New Forest meet up, if your interested there is a meet up and its not too far from you, prob 2hr drive, if your interested, there is going to be around 30 cars so shud be good,

Anyway hope that helps let us no how it goes mate

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Hello there,

Stu has covered everything really so just make sure it has the full service history and feels right.

It's going to be my first meet so should be fun.

Hi Drue1

Welcome to the boards.

Stuart and James have covered the basics of buying any car but there are some MX6 specifiecs to look out for ....

K reg know defects ....

1) Rear brake cliper handbrake mechanism has a design fault. So pull the hand brake HARD ( its nasty but the only real test ) then try to roll the car to make sure they dont seize on. Repair cost approx £200.

2) Steering Rack. Check the fluid level, check teh rubber gators at each end of the rack for any signs of fluid. Repair Cost over 1K

3) Alternator. Again a design fault - Difficult to check, but youll know when it goes. Repair cost £90.

4) Air Con if its got it check it works ok - 3rd party aircon units of this age are likley to be on there last legs of not service regulalry ( there not serviced by a normal car service ) Compressors are around £500 !

As the other guys say Full Service history IS important with the MX6 - Parts are difficult to find and expensive so bargain hard if there are any faults .....

On the whole there one of the best cars ive managed to find both in terms of performance and value for money....

Good luck with the purchase


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Hi Drue, welcome.

Have a look here too for more info:

You'll love the MX6 - guaranteed.

Hi Drue,

Im not going to echo everything so I'll just say welcome to the boards.. Everyone here is very helpful, and the 6 is the most uner-rated car I have ever driven..

As said by Stuart, come on down to the Forest meet if you can make.. should be a good day out.


Shame Drue wants a 626 although we may have convinced him to get a MX6 instead now. :)

LOL james i saw that he wanted a 626 after i typed and sent my reply :)

Same engine same probs mayb? :)


thank u guys 4 the warm welcome ive got my car and well inpressed with it nice drive all the extras only thing i would like is 2 lower it exhaust and some leathers
Lowering... Everyone tends to use Eibarch Springs. Nice and Stiff. Speak to Einstein who has them on his 626 GT.

As for an exhaust. Well your probably better off getting one cutom made by someone like powerflow.

And last on the list was leather... hmmm not exactly that easy to find especially since the interior on the 6 and the 626 is totally different. They are about though. I know John said he had seen a 626 with Conolly leather in.


BTW Welcome
The handbrake release sometimes sticks on mine at the moment, is there a quick and dirty solution?
Hi Drue,

Ive just replaced my cloth seata for leather ones (MX6 though) and it cost me about £200 inc VAT and delivery which was a fantastic price..I went through a scrap yard database called It did take me a month to find them though at the price I wanted, so dont be put off if you cant get hold of them straight away..

Hi Drue and Welcome to the forum.

First off may I say nice choice of car @-
Next off what colour is it.

As for leather why bother it may look nice but winter's coming and it get's bloody cold, but you might pick some up out of a scrappy's from a Executive 626 as they had leather.

Enjoy it and I hope to see another 626 at the New Forest meet as I'll be the only one there I think.

its red in colour 82k fsh total mint 17 inch bk rims 92 k reg and very cheap insurance
Drue what do you call very cheap insurance??

And who are the insurers??

Just had a quote for £360 fully com from HIC

The newer executives also had a factory fitted walnut dash.. (I got one) And 626's have electric seats.. ooooh, luvly

As the MX-6 is based on the 626, it had a good start in life })

Mark, just spray the handbrake ratchet with WD40..

As for speed.. most of the 6's had a hard time keeping up with Mark at Silverstone... and that's without the secret formula.. :E


soaking in petrol, waiting for the flames })
Cornish626 said:
Drue what do you call very cheap insurance??

And who are the insurers??

Just had a quote for £360 fully com from HIC

im with HIC as well i pay £370 and my misses is a named driver but thats tpft
Einstein said:
soaking in petrol, waiting for the flames })
OK John...


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Ouch })

looks like you're on your own now Ken...

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