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One night i was in my '93 4-cyl (with intake, exhaust, and hollow cat) and i was on Mongomery Blvd. (the illegal urban raceway here in Albuq.) and i was doin about 55 when he pulled up on the side of me. i looked over and he punched it. he got a little jump on me but i was expecting to pull right by him. Nope. the next light turned yellow and we stopped. now as fellow drivers of MX-6's you know that they yank hard off the line. i mean thats where i beat most everybody. that and 2nd gear. but ANYWAYS light turns green and were side by side. at the top of first gear he starts to pull. we both hit 2nd and i catch right up and start to pass. we hit third and he pulls right beside me again. as we go into 4th im pullin steady and have about a car length on him and we both decide to cut it off(good idea considering were goin about 110 on a 6 lane road with a 45MPH speed limit and enough cops to take a dunkin donuts inventory off their hands for a few hours. we didnt really feel like goin to jail anyways...LOL). we pull up at the next light and i was impressed that he stayed with me. he already knows what im askin so he sez V-6 supercharged. i grin and nod, say tight and peel away. the most impressive 96-up ford ranger ive ever seen.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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