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I got this bike back in 07 as a starter bike and its been great as a commuter !! I used to drive an hr away 3-4 times a day during the weeks all summer long and I took the bike nearly every one of those days ... I never had any mechanical issues out of her EVER !! But now winters coming and weve moved and I no longer have a place to store the bike so Im looking to sell !! She runs great ! Even has nearly new tires !!

Now the bike runs great but she doesnt look the greatest .. The guy I bought it from said he had done a "track paint job" aka rattle can with little to no prep work :( .. So most if not all the panels are bad due to paint, scratches, chips, cracks or whatever ... I have NEVER wrecked or laid this bike down and Ive seen no evidence to think that its been in any sort of accident !!

The only other "issue" which isnt really anything major is the fuel reserve tank knob was gone when I got the bike. It doesnt effect anything you just have to keep an eye on the mileage so that you know when you need to stop for some gas !!

Im looking to get $1k out of her .. I paid a lot more than that and honestly the bike is in better shape now than when I bought it !!

If you have any questions, concerns or comments let me know .. Post here or pm me or if you like you can email me at [email protected] !!

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