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This post is kinda long... bear with me here.
I had a local shop install my first head unit for me - an old Kenwood cassette deck that my uncle gave to me for free with a 10-disc CD changer :). The guy there gave me a hard time about it but I told him to just put the damn thing in - I knew it was still straight.
That was about a year ago. My CD changer wasn't mounted properly to the top of the trunk so it kept falling down every few weeks. The unit is straight but I wanted an upgrade. I did some research & found my dream setup (for know.. ;) ) a Blaupunkt Key Largo head unit & their 5-disc in-dash CD changer. Since my CD changer finally gave up on me last week, I decided to go ahead & get a Key Largo. Further more I decided to do this sh%t myself this time.
Now I'm pullin' out the old deck and I see some wires and a harness - no big deal I'll find an adapter at Walmart. But when I start lookin' around 2 hours later I realized that this cat at the shop hard wired the Kenwood harness with my wires so I don't have the factory harness anymore.
Now I'm thinkin f%$k it I'll just go to Radio Shack and get it done tonite - but by the time I swing by their closed. Damn. I know I have to cut this Kenwood harness off and start off fresh but should I solder the wires together or get some of those Radio Shack connector thingies and hook those up? The biggest electronic project I've done so far is hook up my rear Infinity Kappa 572.1cfs so solderin' aint my first choice. But at the same time I want my stuff to sound good. What should I do here?

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(Basing this on 2nd gen) This might be too late, but nonetheless, here goes. The factory harness should be two wire harnesses. So out of the back of the Kenwood the wires are connected directly to the factory wires with crimps or whatever? If so go to and they have a nice info sheet to get you through the decoding of wires for the factory side. You don't need to solder anything just get some crimp connectors, strip the wires and voila you have a good connection. I use the connectors that look like little bells, but there are other kinds, like the tube kind and so on. A comp system might need better connections, but for general use it's more than good enough. It is very easy to put in a changer and head unit, I can't believe some people pay people $60+ for each item, but that's just me. E-mail me if you need anymore help.
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