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Green exterior

Brown leather interior

Fully loaded, pwr everything (heated seats, sunroof, power mirrors.......)

Speedo reads around 56 000 km (it stoped), but the car has about 170 - 180 km on it

Needs a few rust spots patched, and a piece of exhaust pipe welded in to certify and should have no problem with emissions.

This car has the same motor as the old 300 zx's its just not turbo charged, it puts out about 210 horse at the crank.

Perfect for anyone who wants to do a high class car build up (you know, tvs, dvd players) but is on a budget and cant afford the M5.

Its at Ellesmere and Birchmount area.
Need it sold ASAP, was asking $5000, now its $3500.
For those who don't know these cars, its a real luxury ride with some power at the wheels.
If your interested let me know, but I don't except it to last.

email [email protected] with any questions.
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