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i've just completed making metal bracers for my front bar,

It's a veilside/erebuni,
ive made them out of 32 x 3mm flat black steel.
2 bolt on above the splash gaurd beneath the tran cooler,
linked by a 16 x 3mm stap which re-inforces the main vent.
2 come out beneath the plastic covers where the hood latch is, connecting the top.
and 1 off each of the tow hooks to the bottom edges near the front wheels.

just wondering what solutions other people on the board came up with?
Also i have no moulded fastners for the mesh, & i wont be happy with ties.
Ideas anyone?



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piccies eh?

with all the work ive been doing on the car,
i haven't had time to fill out the never ending forms required to get sum net space to upload te pics!

but ill take the time to complete one of them soon!
next couple of days hopefully!

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All's I know is you better be careful and not hit anything solid. Since you've removed the bumper restraint, that whole nose will break into pieces if something unfortunate happens.

How long did it take you to install it? Looks like a pretty good fitment from here... Have you had any problems with the fitment as far as it being uneven or something? Also, they're from Erebuni right?

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today is the day... hopefully

I should b picking up my car today...
all sprayed and pretty looking... AAahhhh...

if i do i'll add pic's of the whole car t'night!
if im not drivin it around o course!!


All's I know is you better be careful and not hit anything solid. Since you've removed the bumper restraint,
Do you think my bracers are not enuff to avoid minorbumps and the old "oh sorry, i was only leaning on it" syndrome?


i had the entire kit (except the rear flanges) on order but the warehouse stuffed up their inventory.
had only the frontbar, meanwhile i had already pissed off the factory 1. So in the intrests of road rule conformity.
i dsaid just gimme the nose.... waiiting on the rest from japan, prob fit in a month or so!!

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what's that.... less driving more typing?!?

yeah.. yeah... i know,
ive been so happy to have my car back that i have neglected my fellow owners..... :(

well no more... haahha if i can tear myself away from the wheel for long enough ill take pictures of the completed front bar!
one of the factors keeping me away was the good value by-product of recharging my battery! "reset ECU"

I have lost a lil power recently which i had put down to the slight oil leak in both the front and rear gaskets...
but to my joy after re-connecting my batt terminals and going for a cruize i found the power had returned, all most in full!!! Oh happy day!!
I've never been out without drinking soooo much as the last few days! my life has been filled with "oh you need to go down the shops..... please allow me..... oh, by the way did i show you my AIT mod,... no?... ahh well, here it goes... SSCHHREEECCHHH..."
(thanx to others advise, my button is well away from the passenger) good value tip that!

for those asking my lights are stock AUS'97's....
i checked that up to be sure the other day! i can get part #'s for anyone interested.
I guess its one AUS spec fitting that wasn't changed in a way that sucked!
Damn europeans and their clear lenses, etc... :)

the fitting was SWWEEEETT,
the main work was in building up the edges to form clean joins and secondry filling pip holes and the such.
it is so well braced i rekon you could kick the beaitch and the car would grin and ask for another!
Seriously there is less movement/flex than the stock bar and yet not so much that its brittle!

i would suggest anyone lookin at adding aftermarket bars check it out. . i'll get under the bugger and take some pics,
hehe if i can find room, not much clearance there nowadays!

oh yeah and the oil cooler was there when i bought the bugger too, if your still interested tell us and i'll dig up some info!!

MAN it feels good to drive a 6!!
as you most know...
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