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This is a non MX6 topic but did anyone read Melbournes Sunday Herald-Sun the article "Thieves like the Impreza" pg.17

I found this article just so funny, I hate the Impreza's because they are over populated every man and his bitch has one!!! No originality.


Here are a few lines from the article...

Insurers are having to pay out more for high-performance Subaru Impreza cars after they are stolen than any other.

Claims for the car a favourite of prefessional thieves and joyriders alike.

"The Impreza is very popular for parts and although later models have immobilisers thieves tow them away"

"Its easy for thieves to get rid of them"

Now since these vehicles are so expensive and are a high target for thieves why havent they black listed them on major insurance companies???

Yet MX6 owners are finding it difficult to insure their cars GO F#@KEN FIGURE!!!
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