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Sincere said:
If you all have been around the import performance seen a while, and suscribe to magazines, there is an old issue of Sport Compact Car, they did a project. A 1997 Probe Gt, when they added several intakes there was a lost of 10 hp, finally realizing that a there was a kink in the tube, there is an air restriction that you cannot remove, because the fuel injection is also controlled from this. It is cone shaped, and the tip is pushed in for air to flow through it. Even when pushed back the furthest, there is still not enough air, for those of you with intakes, or those of you planning to add an intake, i would recommend getting an Apexi S-AFC so it can work with the sensor, and will not block the air mass. I will be getting that before i plan on getting an intake.
Or you can do what I did. See my site and go to my MAF conversion page.

On a stock or close-to-stock PGT/MX6, the VAF isn't as big a restriction as one might expect from looking at it. Still, it was worth in the neighborhood of 8HP on my car with only a HS intake and Greddy exhaust. I suspect that with my fairly recently bored throttle body (to 65mm) and, if I could convince the wife, headers, the gains might be more than if the car still had the VAF.

If you plan on more upgrades to the car later (ported manifold, head work, cams possibly etc), getting rid of the VAF is one of the first things to do, for sure. For a stock engine beyond the throttle body, this mods merits are cost/benefit sensitive.

My 2c
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