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Interesting way to flatbed a Probe

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Sorry if this is a repost but...

Crazy Japanese Towing Method- Video

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you know ive seen that before, but never noticed it was a probe
me eiter really. Funny how at the very beginning it hits the side of the truck, not to mention the bending of the roof. I'd love to get my car back from those assholes.
Wow. :eek: That was absolutely ridiculous
i would cry... then i would sue... and then once i get my money i would killl....
im pretty sure it was going to a junkyard or something.. there is no way they tow cars like that.
Thats so stupid
that was at a base in osaka (ours)

the cars get bought cheap, then abandoned when they get redeployed...

it's being junked.
that was posted on PT like a year ago. probably where you saw it.

total dumb ass's though. thats a boom truck. mainly used for piping. lol!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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