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interior 1g A vs. interior 1g B

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k, i have a thread in the wtb section mentioning i'm in need of the rear seat off of a '91 mx6 DX, because it's different material from the 1g A which i think is more durable and compliments the interior better. so i was researching and i saw some differences in the interior don't really matter in the trim (eg. gt,lx,dx) except le ofcourse, but then i'm not necessarily tied to trying to get a DX back seat since according to what i've read the interiors on the 1g B should all be that same kind of seat in the DX, LX, and i think i remember seeing a GT at the yard like that too.

so that being said, i'm in need of a gray 1g B lower cushion of the rear passenger seats. if someone has one in good to excellent conditions, good meaning no major stains, rips, cig burns, wearing, etc. then shoot me a pm and i will see what u want for it maybe we can work something out. thanks in advance. :tup:
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you should have posted this in the wanted to buy section. Where are you located? I actually have a full set of grey interior (front and back seats) in good condition. They are from my 91 lx.
hey 'fato, yeah like i said before, i do have a thread in the wtb section, but i'm not getting any answers, so i thought i'd hit up the 1g threads.

so u have the rear bottom portion of the seats? that's awesome, i described the one i need, could u post a pic of the actual seat cushion (bottom part of the rear passenger's seat) ? and how much u think shipping to zip 90040 in california would be? thanks.

well 'ffato dont need the seat anymore, i just found out that indeed i need the DX '90-92 back seat, as it only came in that style. so if anyone has a DX they're parting out, and has a grey interior, or see one at the junkyard and can get it for me, i will give u what u paid for and some. thanks and hope someone can help me.
Somehow I doubt you want to pay shipping from East Coast Canada to California.... otherwise, I have a seat for you.
pm sent chrmar
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