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Whats up guys, long time stalker, first time poster.

In High School I had a 96 M-Edition, and I ended up selling it a year after I got it cause I was making like, no money in school. I decided to get another one just like it, and I just got a 93' MX6 last week. My head has been running in circles thinking of everything I want to do to it, but some stuff is kinda over my head, so I had a few questions.

The interior is the standard Tan leather and black trim, which is nice, but I really want to go for an aftermarket look, maybe add some suede, aluminum trim, or a little bit of color. The brown plastic molding that offsets the tan leather is pretty gnarly looking, and i just didnt know, is there dye or some way I could change the color of that? Also, what color(s) do you think would look good to balance out the black and tan? Ill post some pics later to show you my new baby.

Thanks guys,

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