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Interior + gauges

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I've been working on my interior and am almost done. Please ignore the dirty carpet. Still a work in progress:

and some night shots of the gauges:

Yes, my cars exterior paint is black in color, but right now it desperatly needs to be repainted. I know the tan driver side seat is begging to be replaced, but I'm not sure if I want to replace it with a stock black leather seat, or if I should spend a little extra and replace both front seats with black racing seats :shrug:
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not sure on how i like the plastic parts painted black but i do like the door incerts. def going to do mine in perforated black now. :)

interior work is fun! :) i like the guages
since how ur guage pod is painted i guess u know the paint code for our interiors?? what did the pod cost you?
I'm actually not sure on our interior paint code. I bought the pod second hand from a member on here that had it already repainted. The pod only cost me $30:jump:
Lookin good so far!
What's in the place of the cubby hole below your deck?
That would be a coin and cup holder out of a 95 taurus. I actually did a write up on it:
shood pick up some racing seats and seat belts to go with it haha
cool write up. i really see it getting in the way tho. i like how our cars are lackin in cupholders... helps my "no food no drinks" rule.
Whenever a passenger asks why my car doesn't have a cup holder, I just reply "does a Ferrari have a cup holder?".
I actually get the opportunity to say that quite often, and they rarely have a come-back. ;)
hah, our interiors look almost the exact same. i have the black interior peices you do too, with the tan dash still..
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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