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Intermediate shaft differences?

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I've searched everywhere to find the differences and i'm far more confused than i was to start of with.


Why does the intermediate shaft need to be changed when going from Auto to Manual, is it spline difference or length difference.
As when i was under the car it seems to be length difference but the internet is telling me it is spline difference.
It stats that the Auto box uses a 20 spline and the Manual uses a 22 spline.

Can anyone confirm the differences who have actually sighted the difference as i'm starting to get worried that this isn't going to happen?

Mazbits is currently get a later than 93 model Automatic shaft and i'm worried it going to be the same as i have expect 2 bolt insted 3.

So far i've been offered a..
Manual Intermediate shaft 2 bolt ( didn't count splines as it doesn't have same bolt pattern.
Automatic intermediate shaft from 93+ model, my main concern here is A the spline count and even if the spline count is correct will it have 2 bolt or 3 bolt pattern?


I knew there was a reason i stopped fiddling with FWD's. This will be my last... lol
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I don't know 2nd gen

but usually it's to do with length. and type of joint used in the final driveshaft.

The diff's usually don't always sit in the same position. Because the torque converter traditionally is taller so it pushes the the drivetrain further out.

on 1st gen it's spline difference.
but I would have thought it would of been the 26 V 28 spline but I might be thinking something else.

also sometimes you find due to a tri-pod joint on the inner joint being used on the shaft it usually makes them longer or shorter

Autos' use tripods on the inners more often then manuals but on some cars due to no intermediate shaft used they use a full Cv.
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Probably the key is to find someone who has the genuine workshop manual, in there the differences would be listed.

Then you'd know what to look for.

Having not had much to do with the 2G, I couldn't really say what the differences might be.

Umm err anyone have a manual for the 2G that they can look up or anyone know where i can buy one. :)
There is a place where I have bought manuals for Old cars, its called :

Bookworks : Contact » Bookworks

they should be able to sell you one.
Thank you!

Just had a look at their books,

They only have:
Wiring Diagram - Obvousily not what i'm after
Owners Handbook - I'd assume this covers general stuff about the car?
Repair manual supplement - Would this be the only Repair manual, bit confusing with the word supplement.

Something random,
I feel sorry for the poor guy who needed a few of their books on the Eunos 800, you'd be up around $500 + with 3 books lol..
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Yeah some of Book works stuff is on re-print and back order.

for most cars to do a full workshop factory manual your looking at an Easy $400. th'at the typical - two volumes and wiring diagram.

Problem for a GE is
4 books - Voluma 1 A and B and volume 2A and B. plus wiring diagram plus GE 2 suplement is not a thin book.

of course 1st gen's have two books one diagram
Gd1022 update is thin and the 4WS/product update is thin. Wiring diagram is standard. and Wagon supplements are thin and only 4 produced.

I actually have two GE workshop manuals -I can't remember which ones or where they are - another buy off E-bay.

So you might want to keep your eyes open.

I know it does not contain technical information as it's why I bought them as I wanted a complete set to add to my MX-6 collection.
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