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Intrax Owners or ne-1 with lowering Springs

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Hi I dropped my car with Intrax Lowering springs but now sometimes when i turn it makes this cracking noise. Also my alignment is messed up but no where wants to align it cause they said something about my shocks. Well to whoever has Intrax springs or any type of lowering springs,could you tell me what other things you did to your car so that it would be nice and smooth?
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Mx-Sick was right as to why you suspension makes that noise, I have the Intrax on my 626 and they shift too. Also on our cars, if you don't have the top plat turned to the right position when you install the strut back into the car, you caster and camber could both be messed up. The postion you turn the top cap to when reinstalling your suspension afects your caster and camber. Consult the mazda/ford service manual for your car(not the Chilton's manual, it will tell you wrong, beleive me). Then go get your suspension aligned. The only problem I had with mine was the caster was off.
If anyone has ever looked at a probe, mMX6, or 626 service manual, it tells you what direction the top hat has to be in to get a certain degree for the camber and caster. Also if you sit the top cap on level ground you will notice that it is angled, this is why depending on which direction you turn it, it makes a difference for the camber and caster. When i first put on my Intrax, I had it wrong and my tires wore pretty bad, now I have it right and I haven't had my car aligned yet and it doesn't wear out my tires. But I still need to get an alignment cause I can tell it's a little off.
Actually it kinda affects both. If it's possible I can scan the page I have from the service manual to show you what I'm talking about. If someone was telling me, it wouldn't make sense to me either. You have to see what I'm talking about.
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