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Intrax Owners or ne-1 with lowering Springs

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Hi I dropped my car with Intrax Lowering springs but now sometimes when i turn it makes this cracking noise. Also my alignment is messed up but no where wants to align it cause they said something about my shocks. Well to whoever has Intrax springs or any type of lowering springs,could you tell me what other things you did to your car so that it would be nice and smooth?
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the type of struts u have on your car will determine the ride. if u leave the stock struts on the ride will be very bad. if u have the $$$ go with some nice gas struts, from places like KYB, or tokico. if u watn more control over your ride quaility get the adj. ones. u might want to look into a camber kit, i had the intrax springs and the front right tires would wear on the inside some but the others were fine.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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