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We've got a new item in our mod kits list that I think a lot of you will be interested in: the Zeal Engineering Daughterboard. MS2/Extra cowriter Ken Culver developed it for RX-7s, but it has applications on a lot of other things that use Nippondenso ignitions. We've tested it extensively on a running RX-7 and bench tested it with a DLI unit, both times with great results - without the need to cut 2 opposite teeth off the 24 tooth wheel. Other closely related ignitions include the ones used on the Mazda F2T, Toyota 3SGTE, and 20 valve 4AGEs.

Here are its features:

Dual VR conditioners with LM1815 conditioners
Three general purpose on/off outputs
12 volt tach output
PWM drive circuit (3 amps max)


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Ive got this exact setup at the moment and am wondering what settings I input to tunerstudio to get the car up and running.

If I understand correctly I put it in wheel decoder mode.
24 teeth.
dual dizzy.
second trigger enabled.
rising edge.
no missing teeth.
trig pos A:1
trig return A:3
trig pos B:7
trig return B:9
024s9 style

are these settings incorrect? I get a steady pulse on the tooth logger but I cant see a point where it would trigger ignition as the pulses are all exactly the same.
I'm not getting any rpm signal and the gauge is red on tunerstudio. Ive got both g1 and g2 sensors tied together going into the second vr input on zeal daughterboard. any suggestions?
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