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Is anyone active in here from the philly area?

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It would be nice to organize a meet or something. I work in conshohocken and live in pottstown. Maybe people from the surrounding areas would like to get a little group started. I'd like to meet some fellow sixers. :tup:
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I'd be down but my 6 isnt running the best right now...i am in the process of dropping in a built head and tuning the ms ill be down im a month or so depending on when i find the time to work on it
huh so my intials are mjm and I used to live in west chester. odd.

I'll be back in the area around thanksgiving and I wouldn't mid meeting up with some people. My six is long gone and my gt-four probably won't be running but it'd still be fun.
mm2587 could ur first name be mike? and middle maybe john?

i have a 93 mx6 , any mx6 owners want to hang out ?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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