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It's 9:05....

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Anybody gettin' ready to go cruise around? Probably the last nice weekend left!:rolleyes: I'm cleaning my car in a minute, and I'm gonna' get lost for a couple hours.:p
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if by cruise you mean come and watch my mx6 sit in a parking lot, then sure.
That sucks!:( Gonna' be runnin' anytime soon?
everyone keeps asking and the answer is i dont really know.

things i need to just start it.
  • electrical harnesses (all from the drivers seat forward)
  • hoses
  • fluids
  • acc belt

other things
  • slave cylinder
  • exhaust
  • intake
  • other?

so yeah, if you have a 88-89 gt, send me all the electrical wires from the drivers seat forward. :D
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Check your other post for the harness.
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