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Hello everyone.

I was very active here on the message boards from 2000-2002 (it looked quite a bit different then). Back then, I was 18-20 years old and had my first car, a 1993 black 2.0 with a manual transmission. Had a Borla exhaust, a CAI (forget the brand... Iceman?) and an underdrive pulley on the car. I was about to start some suspension work when I ended up in an accident in October of 2001 which functionally totaled the vehicle. After some repairs, I was still able to drive the car but my state (PA at the time) would not inspect it.

On the (terrible) advice of a mechanic at a Mazda dealership in town, I traded my wrecked MX-6 in on a Ford Contour SVT which was the worst decision I have ever made. If I had possessed a bit more mechanical knowhow at the time, I could have easily pulled out the radiator support, gotten the hood to latch properly, and had a functional, legal MX-6 again. But I ended up with the CSVT which left me stranded more times than I can count. Transmissions, engines, clutches, everything broke.

Over the years I had a lot of vehicles. A Volkswagen GTI 1.8T, a Subaru Outback, a Grand Cherokee, a 2002 WRX (which I still have) and my 4Runner family hauler. But for some reason, I miss my MX-6 all the time. It's the one I never should have gotten rid of.

Like I said, I still have my WRX (I'm in the midst of an engine swap, body work and repaint currently) but the rest of the cars I've owned, like the GTI, I just don't have any desire to revisit. But something about the MX-6 was special. Maybe it's just a nostalgia thing.

In any event, I'm jumping back on here in the hopes that once my WRX project is nearing completion and I free up the necessary cash, I can get my hands on another one. I'm already hopeful, seeing the listings on the site. But what seems to be somewhat rare is what I'm after; a 2.0 with a manual. Color isn't an issue, but for some reason, these seem to be a bit harder to come by.

Anyway, just saying hello and that I'm happy to be back.

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