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J-Spec V's E-Spec

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Hi all!
Just browsing through KLZE spec info & comments.
To add varification of knowing if you have a genuine KLZE motor in your MX6, it will sound more throaty & have that distinct "high compression burble." I have 2 MX6's....just luv em', they're AWESOME beasts....My 92' Silver one has a 2.5 V6 KLZE fitted (don't know history but head stamps & engine sound confirm it).
Check that KL31 is written on heads (as previously suggested).
Performance: I found take off bit normal (as I have a standard 95' KLDE 2.5 V6 MX6), but acceleration is better through mid-high rev range....BUT, clutch is shot so it may be different when changed....I'll add performance when done!

Cheers & keep driving these awesomw extremely UNDERATED & relatively UNMENTIONED performance cars!!!!
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my 93 LS makes me think of a Ferrari as it sings up to redline - and I'm pretty sure it's a lowly KLDE, lol - I went outside to check after I found out I should be looking :D KL 1A1 on the engine. But very burbly, and fast. I could fool myself into thinking it's the KL7E really easy :D. Maybe it's the muffler - I think it may have hole in it. It looks stock but resonates bad inside the cabin at low speeds/part throttle. One of the things I need to check out this weekend.
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