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JBP Grand Opening

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We're going to be holding our grand-opening for our store front. We're expecting our grand-opening to be a large turn-out. We want enthusiasts to participate by just showing-off their modified rides, reguardless of the manufacturer. There will be free burgers and drinks for everyone.

Date: Friday, October 10th, 2003 - 3PM

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 416.626.0011

For address information please see our website:
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Do you guys need a rebuilt parts distributer,I own a recycling yard and a rebuild shop..It used to be my fathers but me and my bro run it know..Go check it out the web site is the SPORTSCARFACTORY.COM we mostly deal inVintage Euro cars but I have connections with big time Mazda distributers and Nissan as well.
you can't beat our prices.And we are looking to invest in T.O and Montreal..But don't want to take business from small business..
I hope you take business away from Mazdee's..They over price..Don't get Mad if don't make good money in the first few years..It took my dad almost 12yrs of barely keeping the company alive.But now we have over 200acres..and make very good money..But you'll see Performance and specialty shops have up and down it all depends on the Canadian economy..You just have to do it because you love it no matter how much money comes in..My company now sells all over the globe thanks to the internet what a tool...I wish you the best of luck and come visit us If you are ever in the Ottawa region(we are close to South Mountain about 25min. from Ottawa and I live way out in Gatineau.Quebec I have to drive 1hour 35mins everyday from and too(Sold my house there in Aug)..But you gotta love it to stick to it:D
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