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jdm headlights

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anyone know were i can get a pair of these ? i`m looking to replace the stockers . also about how much will it run me to get these ?

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1) learn to use the Search function, it will help you out a lot more than you think and will save you from getting mean comments about being a n00b that doesnt search.
2) This would be a better post in the "for sale/ want to buy" section, and...
3) You could find them in the "for sale/ want to buy" section, generally, I think they go for around $300 in good condition...I wouldn't know exactly as I personally prefer the A-Specs.

Hope this helps..Welcome to the site.
lol my bad . after i posted this . i relized it was in the wrong section . thanks guys .
ebay has at least 2 pairs for sale as I post
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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