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JDM intake manifold installation instructions

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those anybody got a step by step instruction on how to install a JDM intake manifold (curved neck) for a 95 KLDE v6 motor??? it will be very helpful. :jump:

thanks all
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I've never installed a curved neck IM, but I'm sure I could.

I believe you need to have an IAC on the bottom of the throttle body that's specific to the curved neck IM so it doesn't hit something (though I forget what).

Your best bet on a write-up is the 2g Projects forum.
for some reason. i cant post a new thread.
That's strange. PM a mod to ask them to help you out.

You have over 200 posts, I'd think it'd be fine.
does anybody have anythin else to add to this???
That's a straight neck IM installation. I believe the curved neck has some other issues.
yeah. i got a curve neck. not straight neck.

if anybody would like to give me a hand or know a place where i can make this happen. PLZ let me know
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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