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yeah yeah i know.. not an mx6 story.. but im an mx6 owner - and heres my kill (kinda pitiful but hey the thing is a jeep.. i have to compete in a different class)

i pull up, top down, stereo up, to a light.. this other dude in a new explorer (v8 version) has the same station on... and a hot girl in the passenger seat... so instead just nodding his head or a quick grin like i always do whenever i hear someone blasting the same station as me.. he gets all pissy.

note: i have headers and exhaust on my jeep, bored out tb, as well as cai in the form of a snorkel (so i can do deep water crossings) and have it regeared to 4.11 (stock 3.07 or 3.73 depending on the tire package) but its offset by the 32" tires i have on it. final drive ratio with the tires is about close to stock, but the HP is probably a little over 200 (stock 190) it is NOT a racer but i will challenge anyoen to a race up to 30mph as the low end torque is insane on the 4.0L motor and those gears.

so anyways back to the race. he punches it, i had a normal start - did realize he was racing.. so i keep pace withu him till the next light... this time i figure why not... so we both go (he even cheated a little, started rolling when the otherlight turned red, instead of waiting for ours to turn green) and i embarrassed the shit out of him... held him until 40 which was our next light... of course i slow down normally and he thinks he passed me as we get to the light.. he says some shit like you cant hang with a v8. HAHAHAHA

after this light there are none for a good distance. we both take off - by 65 i can see his headlights.. THEN i see the cop! so i let off and he of course does a fly by.. (menawhile i was beating him at will)

unfortunately, i witnessed racial profiling in person.. as the cop pulls up beside both of us (we're doing 30 now) looks at... looks at him.. pulls him over. (he was hispanic)

but regardless, decent kill for me expecially in front of his GF.. hahaha also the timing was great because of my gearing anything past 65-70 mph takes a long time to build up speed...

lol and its a frickin jeep! hahahahahaha can't wait until i have the mx6 running well.
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