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jspec speed limiter

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hi guys just a quick question, i want to take the limter off my jspec and i remeber hearing its a cut of a wire, im going to wire it into a switch, but i needed to know exactly which wire it is that im cutting, ive got the trim off, so i am looking at my ecu. just need to know the wire, thanks
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pm has been replied too ..

for anyone else inthe future... Green and RED .. ECU pin 1M speedometer sensor.

ok so i cut the correct wire (the red and green one in the 3rd block) and straight away my 4ws light has come on and i dont think the wheels are turning at the back? has anybody had this happen before?
Dont know if John can see anything more on his wiring diagram book, but from my books, the 4WS ecu gets its own reading from the sensor on the gearbox (j-spec speedometer sensors are different and have 2 connections) and go straight to the 4WS ecu in the boot.

At the moment, and as you say you were going to fit a switch, just turn it on when you need it for now, and we will see what we can sort out.

quick update, i tried resetting the ecu and that appears to have solved the problem, i dont get the light on anymore and the wheels still turn, so i guess that has worked.

ive now got a question for anybody electrically minded. ive bought a switch from maplins, a push button one, with four pins on the bottom. now i thought it would be a case of putting a positive and a negative wire to the ones marked + - (i have tried connecting via my ciggarette lighter wires) and then connecting an end of the ecu wire that i have cut to each of the other available terminals to make the switch operate, but i cant seem to get the switch to light up (and im not sure if it works because i havnt had chance to top 112mph) so does anybody have any ideas?

its just a simple red light push button that should be lit up when pressed (activating switch) and off when not pressed (not lit up)
I presume the switch you bought is N06AR... an illuminated, locking switch
in which case, the illumination is by a 2.2V LED... running 12V to it will have killed the LED..
You would require a 430 ohm resistor to drop the voltage to a safe level..

As you say, the + and - connections are probably for the led, but because you are using it to basically join a wire back up, you wont be able to use that connection to power the LED, or provide an earth.. in which case the LED will be permanently illuminated..

so would i be better off just leaving the switch led off, and just using it as an off on switch for the ecu then? will it work as a switch without the led?

Yes, the switch part will work just fine..
I don't know whether you would be able to replace the led either way..

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