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Just Got 2.25" Pipes Cat-Back

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So my exhaust was a tad rusty so I figured I'd get it replaced but then spend double the money to get fatter pipes from the cat back and then into a magnaflow SS muffler. It sounds good while cruising but loses it's sound in higher rpms, do you guys think I need headers? If I get headers will it be more throatier? :E
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headers wont change it to much, most of your exhaust note comes from your cat-back
Really soon! I just have to get this idling/running problem fixed.
Headers made no difference on mine let the muffler burn it a bit, i have found they get a bit louder after a bit of use
give your exhaust two weeks to full awaken buddy

and headers DID change my tone on mine. made it a bit louder
Nice, I hope there isn't much in cabin drone, my old car had side exits and would drone like crazy. I have a feeling it won't and it'll just sound loud on idle and when under wot.
A header changed the tone of the exhaust on my 626 when I put it on. (Had 2.25 catback with aftermarket resonator, test pipe, and magnaflow muffler.) It was quite a bit more throaty, and after a week or two my idle sounded alot different (noticeably louder, more consistent).
That's okay, as long as I'm not pissing off the neighborhood lol.

What's the quality of the ebay headers? I'll probably find out before I revisit the forum though as they arrive tomorrow. What's that skinny, bent pipe that comes with the headers? Is that a replacement egr pipe? If so thats cool.

I've got new bosch o2 sensors ready to be threaded in and my magnaflow cat ready to be welded up with the headers, so I'm excited. I'll try and focus in class tomorrow.
Alright the headers arrived today, they're nice...But, once I bolted on the rear header to the downpipe it's a bit crooked, so instead of meeting flush the the engine block it'll come off of it on an angle, so somehow I have to bend the tubing so it meets flush.

Actually you know what, once the bolts are put on the headers and torqued to the motor, they'll probably meet flush, still it's a bit of an annoyance.

Shipping took 10 days as well, sucks for people like me who can't wait.
let us know how it sounds when you get it all together!
This is getting so ANNOYING!!! I work all of the days I have off from school, I can't find a single day with 3 hours of free time to get the headers installed, but I'll figure something out. ARRGGG!!
Alright I just dropped my car off at the muffler place, I'll have that video clip for you guys by tomorrow.
sweet! I bet it'll sound awesome
Ok guys I got my headers and everything installed and it sounds awesome! It's not as loud as I thought it would be, just a lot of wooshing and turbo sounding noises. I tried filming a video with an old digital camera but it could barely pick up the sound so it was very faint, like a little mouse. I'll film another one after work tonight, as for power gains I can feel a difference, acceleration is a bit better but in second gear it pulls hard.

I threw in an AEM dryflow 9" cone just to level out the intake and exhaust.
the wooshing is either your cold air intake noise, OR you have an exhaust leak :p
lol I'll see if it is in 10 minutes, Im taking my car back to the exhaust place because they didnt install the egr pipe properly, it's hanging.

Here's my exhaust video

YouTube - Exhaust (camera's too close)
my exhaust is not loud till after 4k rpm,s...
though id have to say load "drone" can get annoying quickly.
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