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Hey guys, I finally got my car dyno tested!
Here are the stats:

145.9 horsepower starting at about 3700 rpm and continuing until about 48-4900 rpm at which point it started to drop to a minimum of 125 hp at about 5600 rpm.

208.4 lb-ft of torque starting at a V8 like 3000 rpm. It dropped below 200 lb-ft at 3250 rpm and stayed pretty steady at about 190-195 lb-ft until 3800 rpm at which point it dropped sharply until a low point of 117 lb-ft at about 5600 rpm.

So what does this all tell me? Time for a chip and an upgraded turbo and perhaps a port and polished head! :)

Hopefully this puts to rest the Mazda underrating the engine's stats...although..I wouldn't have been sad to find out that they did...but that's life.
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