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K6F Polyurethane Passenger Side Motor Mount's

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K6F Polyurethane Passenger Side Motor Mount

These Mounts are made with Prothane Solid Polyurethane Bushings, Poly Sealed inside the mount.
Included is 1/2in Hardware and a pre-anti seized sleeve.

  • This mount is a direct replacement for the passenger side motor mount on the KL03/DE/ZE Motors
    found in the Mazda Mx6, 626, Mx3 and Ford Probe.
  • Provided is a ½ Bolt to take up any slop that might have been worn into the mount bracket.
    A small amount of dremeling may be needed to widen the bolt hole on the bracket if yours is not wore.
    Using the stock bolt will work, however it will not be a tight fit in the new poly mount.

  • Reduce engine movement
  • Tighter shifting
  • Replaces weak/expensive stock mount
  • Custom look.

Right now I have 3 of these on hand.
Primer coated (black or grey),
Ill leave it up to the buyer to paint them.
However they will need to be taped off since the bushings are not removable.
These are a K6F custom, to date I have not seen any vendor offer anything like these.

Canada buyers PM me with zip for extra shipping $.

All Items will be shipped the following Monday or Friday, depending on the when the payment is received.
I have a limited quantity of parts on hand, therefore allow up to 7 business days after payment for fabrication.

These are basic parts for the mx6, all sales will be final, no returns.
Warranty on parts from defects of craftsmanship 30days from purchase date( excluding finish), should your part fail, please contact me through pm.
No warranty on custom order parts.
Buyer is responsible for the installation and use of these parts.​
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How hard is it to install this mount? Can I install it in my driveway without moving the motor? I may be your first customer if I can do it in my driveway with basic tools.
I did it in my drive way with a jack, a 17mm deep well socket, extension and ratchet in 5min. Also 2- 3/4 wrench's for the new bolt.

park car->pop hood-> place jack under oil pan with wood block -> jack the motor up a little bit-> remove the 2 nuts on the mount, and remove the side bolt. Make sure new bolt will slide into the cradle, if it doesnt..file/dremel out the hole a bit. ->bolt in new mount.
SOLD! Did you read my PM about the radiator supports yet?

Money sent via paypal.

Black primer please.
Paypal'd! Black primer please.
You got PM...
All 3 sold, quicker then I had thought they would..
Ill have them all out this week:tup:

Ill leave this up since I am capable of making more, however I need to order more materials, May need to require a downpayment for those seariously interested.
I would like to get one. I can have the money by this Friday. Also King, since I am here is there any update on the subframe connectors? Are you still updated the design or are you pretty set? I am also interested in a set of the connectors.
Holey shit Sweet! I am going to get one.
I will take two of them and will make down payment if needed.
Hey I thought you were going to tell me when you were doing this again so I could own two lol. (Damn now were not the only ones with them lol) I got the MX6 back but I need one for the Probe now.

You ready for me to buy those things I asked you for yet? I am ready.
how much extra for shipping to honolulu hawaii.??
ill take 1
sorry cross, forgot about ya, Also didnt think these would sell that fast.
Ill hit ya a pm later about the other parts.

As for making more mounts, Ill need to order some more materials, Ill post up a DP $ once I figure out what the material will cost.
I'd be up for a set to king!
I will take a set even though I just replaced mine with new ones.
PM sent out, ready to pay.
I'll PM you when I need one. Nice work King, these look bad ass :D
how much extra for shipping to honolulu hawaii.??
ill take 1

Can I get your zip?

All 3 were sent today priortiy w/confirmation.

So those interested are:
Stevoh x1
RoadRage x1
Cross x1
RedDragon x2
Adaman x1
Lambera x1
Dsmx6 x1

Ill ask $20 down, by 10/10/08. after that date I will order materials with the $ put down.
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Done just waiting on a price for everything else too I would pref to pay in full if I could just ge tit out of the way.
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