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Kawasaki update

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I'm bringing it home possibly tomorrow night. But for the moment i've got it bolted back together, and cleaned the shit out it. Still needs a washing and buffing but here it is. I know its a night pic so bare with me, i'll have better ones tomorrow.

The center cylinder is getting retarded on me again though:mad:

It pulled the wheel off the ground and then i noticed my throttle was stuck. I moved the cables and restarted and all was fine. I noticed the bottom pipe wasn't smoking and the pressure wasn't equal with the other two. I gun it and it bogs. NOT what it had done 2 mins before.......................i think my carbs are the enemy. somethin is up with the middle one. I'll fuck with it this weekend but here ya go.

I may have gone over kill with the rust removal stuff. But hell it did actually work. I don't even think the word "bathing" justifies what i did lol.

And the two crappy night pics. No close ups of the pipes till tomorrow. I'd rather show them in the light and how bombshell they look now. Besides the one spot where the chrome is chipping they feel smooth and look WAYYY better than they did.

as said, i still need tires so ignore how shitty they look. I'm proud of myself though, i've had almost half the bike disassembled now and only lost two nuts and one decorative bearing sheild thing.

Which is weird cause i recall putting all of that stuff in one place. But then its been moved by my dad, my brother, people have tripped over my nicely laid out stuff.....yet another reason for the transport tomorrow.
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verry cool. looks fun.
here's a new pic from tonight at his apartment.

Just like everything else on the bike we needed a triple shot lol.

I also put premium in it and the center pipe works like magic again.....musta been the unleaded fucking with it.

I'll have pics tomorrow after i wash it finally.
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sweet wash and polish that baby. get some 15oo grit sandpaper and some mothers polish and go to town!!
thats actually what i have, well - the mothers

I noticed earlier while riding back from teh wash area it died on me. I was really hoping i wouldn't have to push it back and it did start maybe 2 mins later and kept running. Well anyway i thought maybe it just needed to crap flogged out of it. So i let it nail 9K, which naturally took the wheel off the ground a bit but it started to act a little better. Thinking nothing of it i rode to the garage and left it outside so i can shiny shine today with the buffer.

I was curious of the back pressure, so i fired it up and the two top pipes (L and R) where pretty nice. The bottom (center) had damn near none, and when i placed my fingers on the downpipe from the center it was cold, the other two averagely hot. the compression tester batman! And i have more pics too. Figure i would do them throughout the day to show the progress.
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One of these things is not like the other.................................................

Thats why the bike has trouble running and the center cylinder is cold. Its cold cause FUCKING GAS IS COOLING THE CYLINDER. So really that cylinder is running WOT 100% of the time. So i guess its time to hunt down a broken ebay carb and steal it from that. Not sure around here wherei can get one of those for cheap. Happy to have finally found my issue though. And my compression numbers where L: 125 psi C: 133 psi and R: 128 psi

So with nice even numbers across the board, some cleaned out baffles, rebuilt carbs, new ignition points, condensors, spark plugs, and that fucking needle i should have this bike tearing ass all over the place and all for less than 100 bucks. So far full of win.

And a guy at work recently told me he's into vintage bikes. (i might be repeating myself) and his mother works for teh courthouse in another county. So she is going to get me all the papers i need to take to the plainfield court and then she said they can file some paperwork and send to the bmv and bodda bing i got steel with an 09 on the back. Hopefully i can get that this week. I so happy!!!!!!!!!!

Here's some update pics though. I'm also off to get more sandpaper and some other polishing supplies.

tight fit!

my before pics

after the wash!!

and a fender that needs some loving. Sand paper away!
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Looking good man. I went at my frame with an air chisel tonight to get rid of some unwanted bracketry. I also did some more sanding on my tank, it's almost ready for polish.

Added a few things to the shopping list too, it's getting gas shocks, new petcocks, master cylinders, levers, caliper rebuilds, Needle bearing kit for steering head, bronze swingarm bushings, and a tank lining kit. I'm gonna need a new headlight/signal combo too, my bucket was bent so I threw it out.

Get on and see if anyone's got one of those carbs laying around. A lot of Vintage bike guys on there.
how is it we are the vintage bikers around here lol.

I didn't even intend on buying something this old, just a hell of a deal and now i'm hooked. I almost want another one now lol. Fuck that new kawasaki 250, i'm gonna go look around for a honda 500 or yamaha. When this thing his 6K you can really feel some power out of nowhere. Its like a 2-stroke vtec hehehe.

i'll check out that site. That piece seems to come with carb rebuild kits but i can't see myself paying 30 bucks for a stupid kit that i really only need one thing out of.

My headlight is bent as well, i'm pretty sure its fallen over before with the mysterious bend and weird scrapes. But the headlight ears i just got vise grips to "center" it again. I want some new ears and if i can find one an adapter for some spot beams. I love the triple headlight thing but really i just want a bit more light to be noticed. I've also looked at a few brake lights too. Mine is pretty bright but i still would like a small led strip ro something more. Thought about going to autozone to get the retarded tracing led bars but if you wire them up a different way they are solid. Not entirely sure how bright they would be but i'm trying to figure out a way to tuck them into the rear fairing.
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just get on ebay and search for "universal cafe". Should bring up a bunch of headlight and taillight units. As well as bars, seats, tanks, etc...It really is addicting.
dude i want one now... i checked out that site and i def want an old school now.
Old Jap bikes are all over the place, and people let them go super cheap. I see them all the time for $200-500.
i paid 100 bucks for mine, less than 100 for parts.

Granted i'm sure they aren't all winners like mine but seriously dude, there's not a whole lot that can go wrong in a 2 stroke. Its such a simple design. And hell mine really doesn't smoke nearly as bad as it first did when i got it running. There's only very faint blue smoke that comes out. Unless you hit like the redline, i haven't really paid attention but there is a bit of a blue fog after that lol.

If you decide on picking on up, my kawa is super fun. It weighs 326 pounds and its encredibly easy to take apart anything on it. It even has a little tool kit that has every wrench you would ever need to take apart the bike.

I've seen a few old suzuki's too, kinda want one. I just love mine mostly becasue of the retro style and how many people have stopped to say either "whoa i used to have one of those 30 years ago" or "what is that??" or the other "what year is that????"
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dude i want one now... i checked out that site and i def want an old school now.
Its a shame you dont' live closer. Not sure i would want to ride this beast the 7-800 miles it probably is to ride there lol.

Something else you might wan to look up. my buddy has a '73 or '74 Honda cb360

Its a 4 stroke so it doesn't have smoke or at least shouldn't heh. But his is a 2 cylinder and has a pretty cool sound. Nice and lightweight but right now we have the engine in pieces cause teh timing chain snapped but aside from that its somewhat like mine. Just has more boring tank, i like my wild style.
actually for those of you who want to see it running i'm posting this. Just something quick. I also have the C cyl fuel line pinched off since my i have a missing needle plunger in the throttle slide. But anyway where my hard 2 months of work. Probably would have been much less if i had money and a week to spend on it. Anyway enjoy!

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ok u convinced me.. im getting one.
i also realized the other reason it died was i had the fuel shut off..................doh!

Also since i put on the filter pods on its a bit un-resonated. So if someone was to have one of these with the snorkel filter it would probably be a little quiter but if i'm going to rock a 2-stroke i want it to at least get all the power i can easily get. The snail filter with snorkel tubes kinda sucks.

The intake literally is shaped like a snail shell and then on top of that the intake opening is butted up against the side panel. Almost like it wasn't meant to be functional lol.
soooooooooo drive by vid?
this weekend man, this weekend lol

I'm still working it, it runs great with no load but the minute you put it in gear it bogs bad. I think its mostly cause its missing a cylinder at the moment. I moved the needle adjustment up one step but i'm not sure if that improved it much. I almost thought about unscrewing the spark plug as to get better power since its only running on two and against the compression on one. But i thought best to leave it the fuck alone and wait till i get my replacement needle.

I also got shocked the piss out of me earlier........... i reached down just to feel heat off the head and the L blew the piss out of me. Kind unsure how i got zapped without touching the plug wire or even the head. All i know is i made a better ground for a second, which makes me wonder if there is a break in my cable. I may switch to accel's if i can find something like short.
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damn son.

:) im going bike shopping again friday!
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