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KLZE East Coast Help!!

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Hey guys whats up! im new in this forum and i own a 96' mazda mx6 M edition
and i've be looking in some websites to buy a KLZE asap! i've be looking in some threads but most of the imports company you guys talk about are located in Canada, i live in New York and i need something located either In the East a matta fact it doesnt even matter i just need a good place, some good websites where they wont ripp me off and i would appreciate if somebody tell me a complete list of everything i need with the klze like water pump...i also have a brand new alternator with my current engine should i swap the alternator to the klze or wut? samething with the distributor..and one more thing where can i get a nice battety replacement kit so i can put it in the trunk.

thanks for the help!
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You'll get more help in the 2g general section. This section is for forced induction. I'll move this for you.
JDM Engine Depot

This website acutly is the NEWARK NJ depot. i was referd to it buy herox, ask for jason he will hook you up on price and aviability.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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