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klze gt for trade

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Canada Hamilton (ON)
was hoping to have a bit more time to work on it but i need a car running now due to work, so i may be looking to sell or trade for a gt or a mx6 with safety and etest.
let me know what you have got.
also i have new rear brake lines, new battery and replaced the rear calipers.
it had previously installed:-
klze curve neck (aprox 40,000km)
mx3 flywheel
CM stage 2 clutch
pacesetter headers
Magnaflow high flow cat
complete stainless steel catback exhaust
3" magniflow resonator
magnalflow muffler
17inch rims
tokiko lowering struts
drilled front rotors.

Bad stuff
faded paint
rust on tail gate
and a small bit on the drivers arch
and over spray where i removed the bumpstrips
and needs ebrake cables
i paid 1200 and have put 400 into it.

please note that the bump strip has been removed since the 3rd pic
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My friend post pics or lambera is going 2 ban your thread lol it's not like onpoc were we can post w/o pics~
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