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klze headers touching radiator

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k so i put in my new klze and i put new headers on it but my headers are touching my radiator anyone else who has done this swap did u have the same problum?
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They shouldnt touch your radiator. Do you still have fans? Also wrong section, this is for forced induction.

If you dont have the fans on and they still touch your radiator, then you got a shit set of headers, ask for a refund. If they touch your fan that is kinda excusable, just get a slim line fan ($80ish). Mine touched my stock fan heat shield, just had to trim down a bit.
moving thread to 2g general. also changing the thread title so it pertains to your problem.

My headers rubbed a little on the metal shroud on the fans.
my headers rubbed a bit too, after a few days the fan shroud will melt a tiny bit so its not touching the headers any more
Mine are wrapped and also touch slightly but I think its because I dont have the mounting gromets on the rad yet so it leans toward the engine a small amount.
thanks guys and yeah i have mine wraped it only touches very very little on the heat shield
Mine are so bad i can't fit the fan it at all :shrug: ill get a slim one some day
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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