Bought a 1997 klde 626 and looking to mod but keep a street car. Looking for some klze parts withought the whole swap. If someone knows a link to buy from or has a klze intake manifold for sale ill happily buy and include shipping. This thing is my new daily and project at the same time. At 22yr old ive had a 71vw beetle, 87 olds station wagon, and 2002 volvo v70. As this is my first JDM I love the car. As mentioned it's a 1997 626 with the 2.5 v6 klde

Looking for a klze intake manifold and ecu to increase my midrange power. Not looking for a racer but a stage 0 modern tune. Old parts made with modern material.

Next will be suspension, control arms, sway bars, and end links. Think I'll leave it there but we'll see.

Love this thing already and want to treat it right
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