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Hey guys I'm located in Mississauga which is just outside of Toronto to be more specific. Prices are negotiable especially if you want a package deal.

For sale I have a set of KLN8 Pistons, These are pretty rare and hard to find info on. I bought them from corksport who aqcuired them from Mazda in Japan as a replacements for a cracked piston in my klze and they told me that the original klze pistons were no loner available and that these were a revised set, with zero offset to cut down on the tooling cost. They are mounted on klze rods with new OEM wrist pins hand polished tops. Looking for $200 plus shipping.

I also have a NIB complete set of Top Line Bearings and Rings for KL motor
$75 for everything

Also have a freshly polished crankshaft still wrapped up from the machine shop

in reference to a KL31 piston

KLZE Valves, Freshly cut single angle job. still have the cutting oil on them.
$125 plus shipping

MS1+extra hardwired into an OBD2 ecu for plug a play capability complete with support for coilpack (included) setup and vaf-less operation.
comes with older mercury mistake coilpack $125 plus shipping

Exedy OEM clutch kit complete with bearings $100 plus shipping

NIB Aftermarket HLA's for KL31 Heads $100 for the complete set for 1 engine.

Ported KL31 Throttle Body $50 plus shipping

Semi Ported straight neck manifold, comes with the aluminum elbows and thats it $125 plus shipping

Fuel rails complete with injectors 1 set for a KLDE and one set for a KL31, i think they are the same
$40 rail pair

Tail lights. in okay shape, not cracks. No i dont know where the center is but if I find it Ill post it. It's in rough shape thought.
$40 plus shipping for both tails.

Used Goodridge SS lines $40 plus shipping

Sprint lowering springs for gen 2's
$100 plus shipping.

Im not online often so give me a few to reply. priority will be given to the first person to message me/post about a specific item I promise.

feel free to ask any question,

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Older thread but thought I would ask , Springs still available ?
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