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KLZE Swap in '97 OBD2 Chassis Info and Questions

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I'm performing a KLZE swap in a 97 MX6 for a friend/customer. Although I'd like to do a complete write up on the install, time constraints have held me back. However, I figured I can contribute what I've learned thus far and prompt everyone with a few questions along the way.

At this point, I have the original KL motor out of the chassis and I'm waiting for the owner of the car to receive a new clutch for the KLZE swap before I drop the KLZE swap into the car.

Pretty straightforward so far, I've done plenty of motor swaps although on different cars.

Here's a link to general questions and parts that needed to be ordered before planning the swap, I've recently updated it.

Status as of now:
-Installed new timing belt and water pump on the KLZE motor. Found out that the water pump varied slightly. We ordered a 97 water pump for the KLZE, but if doing so you will have to use/retain the 97 style water pump pulley.
-With both motors sitting side by side I swapped the external engine parts (exhaust manifolds, distributor, sensors, egr components) from the original KL motor over to the KLZE motor.
-If you are swapping over the egr parts from the KL motor, one of the egr sensors' vacuum line "tees" into the VRIS solenoid closest to the passenger side. Just follow and compare the vacuum/coolant lines between both motors and it's fairly self explanatory.
-I had to add a "tee fitting" between one of the intake manifold vacuum line fittings and the fuel pressure regulator in order for the cruise control vacuum line.
-The KL intermediate shaft bolted right up to the KLZE motor in my case, I've heard some have had issues with this

My friend also purchased a KLZE transmission along with the engine.
-Fortunately the original KL axles and intermediate shaft are a direct fit in my case.
-Had to swap the hydraulic clutch hard line and some mounting brackets from the transmission.
-The Vehicle Speed Sensor from the KLZE transmission did not have the electronic clip attached to it, so I had to use the original KL transmission's VSS on the KLZE transmission. If you swap over the VSS, you will also have to swap the plastic gear ring on the VSS because the gear ring on the KL's VSS is wider and will rub against the interal transmission housing on the KLZE transmission. Buy a set of ring clips and swap over the plastic gear rings.

Some questions I have at this point:

1) There's a coolant sensor located next to the filler neck on the KLZE engine which the KL motor does not have. Is this an additional coolant sensor or has it been relocated? If it's an additional sensor I would assume I can leave it unplugged and not get a Check Engine Light because the OBD2 ecu isn't looking for it. PIC:

2) The OBD2 harness has 3 relays that run in line with the fuel pressure regulator vacuum line. There's a vacuum fitting on the KL motor's intake manifold for the relay, however the vacuum fitting isn't present on the KLZE's intake manifold. Should I tap the KLZE's intake manifold for the vacuum line or can I use a tee fitting? Btw, I'm not referring to the cruise control vacuum line, I've already taken care of that. PICS:

The vacuum line I'm referring to has a Purple pipecleaner twisted around it:

KL Intake Manifold (has the vacuum fitting):

KLZE Intake Manifold (vacuum fitting is NOT present):
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1) I've swapped in a KLZE on two different OBDII MX6s, and they both had that sensor. You should not bypass it, you should have a connector on the harness that goes to it.

2) Tee it.
Well I havent had that "coolant sensor" hooked up since I got my car back from the shop and my heat gauge functions and I havent blown anything. I also saw a probe with the exact same setup as mine, sensor not hooked in.

I'll double check it when I get my car back only problem is I am having the harness swapped to OBDI. I am too damn picky like that and cant stand jerry rigging LOL.
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