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Hey guys, Just wanted to let everyone know that I have 4 Kove KMG-K Armeggodon 10" subs for sale (2 single 4ohm, 2 DVC 4ohm). I have an audio shop and with it some bills. At my cost the singles were about $145ea less shipping, the dvc's $150ea. I would like to get rid of them w/out losing or making anything. They are new, never used, just sitting in their boxes. If you don't know about Kove go to their web at and look at the kmg-k's. Retail is $290 ea. Also have a Gold-series Red undercar neon kit by Streetglow I haven't sold yet. Brand new in box as well. Has 2 54" tubes and 2 36" tubes plus 9500V transformer. I paid $120 for it (retail's about $290). That's your price ($120) plus whatever shipping ups cod is. Thanks.. L8R
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