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Letting go of the Mx6

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Im going to be selling my 1989 mx6 gt for around $1000 as is. Im letting all the guys know in san diego or la area first. There are some minor problems that i just don't want to deal with anymore. you can use it as a parts car or drive it as is.

i have all or most of the reciepts for the things i bought.

Its pretty much back to complete stock in the interior.
The only thing after market is a vdo boost gauge and door speakers.

Mileage is 210,000 on new head but stock block.
compression numbers from left to right are 115,120,100,120

List of all parts purchased within 3 years.
-installed a new oem exedy clutch kit and 10.5 lb Fidanza Flywheel during september 2007.
- 3 inch exhaust with a high flow cat and magnaflow muffler. i got a downpipe made from the end of the turbo elbow to the cat. i think its to 2 1/2 to 3 inch.
-two year old monroe sensatrak shocks with new intrax springs.
-New 185 degree thermostat
-new water pump
-new radiator
-new radiator fan
-new thermostat sensors
-new oxygen sensor
-new cap, rotor, spark plug, spark plug wires.
- i put on the 18mm sway bar from the probe and also has the rstb.
- there's polyurethane sway bar bushings in the front and rear.
- theres a front otto-R strut bar. it was for a 2nd gen but made it fit.
- took out the ac and i'm running the ac delete pulley.

Things that need to be fixed.
- driver side window motor or regulator. not sure witch one
- needs to be smogged, i went and tested it twice and failed the nox both times. they said it might need a new cat converter. i don't really want to pay to have a new cat put in. I did already pay the registration fee. you would have till the end of november to smog it.
- may need a new timing belt pulley. i just bought a new timing belt tension pulley. you need the one thats next to it.
- it just recently started popping out of fifth gear. i think i might be the shifter cause the bushings are bad so it might not be going into gear all the way. it doesn't do it all the time. i will try to fix it before i sell it.

i will post pictures tomorrow. I think there's like three pictures of the car if you search (Two tone 1st gen mx6). There is no more roll bar and the rims im keeping. i will be selling it with the stock rims.
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Is the Body stright? Any body hits? Doors close good? Lets see some pics. I got cash.
theres a small indent on the bottom driver door. other than that there is a penny size dent on the rear fender. the body is pretty good. and yes both doors close good. moonroof works fine.
[/IMG]here is the small penny size dent on the rear fender.

here is the dent on the driver side door.

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is the 1000 firm? I mean is not passing smog for a reason, compression numbers are low 115,120,100,120, and maybe the tranny is bad and need to changed it. Other than that the body looks good.
i have the smog papers and everything. i think its the cat. its a 3 inch catco high flow cat and i had it on there for 4 years. all the gears in the tranny seem fine. like i said i can put back in the short shifter i had before and see if it still does it. there's also a small oil leak on the left back side of the head and block but its not loosing crazy amounts of oil. i bought a head from a guy on line. he said it was ported. i got the head checked by a mechanic and he said it was straight, no warpage. (thats the current head on now) i did go through another head before that. it lasted a year then the head gasket blew. when the head gasket blew i took everything apart and i checked the specs with a feler guage and the head was warped, that was a remanufactured one from i was about to sell it when that happened but i ended up replacing the head gasket. i did that in january 2008. about the price, the least i will go is 900 firm. but if i could get 1000 that would be good.
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California Law mandates that YOU smog the car before you sell it, not the other way around.
Usually, high NOx is due to a problem in the EGR System. Is it hooked up and working properly? It can also be brought on by high combustion temps.
California Law mandates that YOU smog the car before you sell it, not the other way around.
maybe, but it's a bullshit law. people sell cars all the time without smogging them, so much for it being a law.
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