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my dad had surgery on his elbow yesterday and tonight one of his freinds from work came over to visit ya know. anyway he had just bought an '03 SVT Lightning F-150. It is silver. and he was making fun of me for driving my "rice burnin" imports. anyway he was just f*&kin with me and asked if he could take my wrx for a test drive. of course i say only if i can drive the lightning. so heres where it gets fun. im just kinda cruisin down the road (i live in the country and there isnt much traffic out anyway besides tractors) and behind me i see these blue headlights. turns out it is this girl that is one of my girlfreinds freinds( ya get that) and she has a gorgeous deep blue 95ish automatic PGT. she comes flyin up on me and i do the natural thing that anyone driving a lighning should do: floor it. so i take off and am doing about 110 then i slow down to turn and she catches up and follows me so i stop completely and we raced. needless to say i beat her by about a football field. it was a good time. never had the chance to drive a truck with a boost gauge before:D
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I thought the same thing Brad... the EXACT same thing.

I've never had the privelege of driving one. It prolly would have killed your WRX don't you think? I know you have mods, but the 5.4???L v8 is a BEAST to say the least.

Good drivin... I envy you now!!!
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